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Take time for yourself to relax and reset with our unique spa day experiences focussed on wellness and rejuvenation.

Spa Days at Aqua-Tox

At Aqua-Tox we want to help you take control of your health and wellness and feel great. Our wellbeing spa experiences allow you to take time out to relax, reset and discover the benefits of alternative wellness treatments. 

Our spa days are a little different from what you’ve probably come to expect from traditional spas. Instead of just focusing on relaxation our spa days centre around treatments that help your body to reset and rejuvenate while relaxing. 

All of our spa experiences include Whole Body Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna sessions. The combination of these two therapies trigger many natural responses in the body that will kick-start rejuvenation and healing. Combined with a selection of our other recovery treatments you’ll leave the clinic feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

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Spa Experience Prices

Available Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Further treatments can be booked at an additional cost, please ask when booking.

Rejuvenate Wellness Experience

Allow 2.5 hours

What you get:

1 person £90

2 people £150

Restore Wellness Experience

Allow 2.5 hours

What you get:

When booked for 2 people Cryotherapy and Sauna sessions will be taken together. Red Light Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions will be taken individually. 

1 person £90

2 people £150

Group Spa Days

If you’re looking for a spa experience for more than 2 people please get in touch. We may be able to accommodate larger groups depending on your requirements. 

Priced individually

Bespoke Spa Days

If you’re looking for something truly unique we can build a bespoke spa experience to suit your needs and budget. Take a look at our wide range of treatments including massages and facials and get in touch to enquire about booking a bespoke spa day. 

Priced individually

Spa Day Treatments

The treatments included within our spa experiences have been selected to not only help you relax but to help your body to rejuvenate and heal. Each treatment has it’s own unique benefits and effects on overall health and wellness. 

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy briefly exposes the body to extremely cold air in a specialist cryotherapy chamber to trigger an anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain & inflammation and speeding up healing.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna uses full spectrum infrared light to penetrate tissue and heat the body from within, producing health benefits including; muscle recovery, weight loss, improved circulation & removal of toxins.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) allows higher concentrations of oxygen to be delivered to the body's organs & tissues. Health benefits include improved concentration & energy, reduced inflammation & immune system activation.

NormaTec Leg Compression

NormaTec compression boots use sequential pulsing of compressed air to massage the legs, mobilise fluid and reduce lactic acid build up, inflammation, fat and other by-products.

Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

Our red light therapy panels use a combination of near infrared, blue and red light wavelengths to give health benefits including reduced pain and inflammation, improved circulation and improved skin health & appearance.

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Spa Day FAQs

Our spa experiences typically last around 2.5 hours. A therapist will guide you between each treatment included in your spa experience and ensure you have the optimum amount of time in each treatment. 

The spa experience days are at our wellness clinic on Foxholes Farm in Hertford, Hertfordshire. The clinic is easily accessible from the M25, A414 and A10. The clinic offers a number of industry leading health and wellness treatments. 

Due to the way that we book the spa experiences and reserve each treatment it is not possible to swap elements of the spa day. However, we do offer bespoke packages so please get in touch if you're looking to book something a little different? 

Yes you can. Providing you mention this at the point of booking we can look to find a time that allows for a massage to be added onto the spa experience. The massage will be an additional charge. 

Yes you can. We offer gift vouchers that can be purchased for a specific treatment/package or any monetary value. We have physical gift cards with gift boxes and ribbon or we can provide e-vouchers. 

The spa experience is suitable for most people however some medical conditions may contraindicate one or more of the treatments. When booking your spa day you will be emailed a medical questionnaire to complete ahead of the day to ensure all treatments are safe for you. 

Unfortunately we can only offer the spa experience to over 18s at this time. 

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