Experience relaxation, stress relief and an enhanced sense of wellbeing with a Sweedish, deep tissue or lymphatic drainage massage at Aqua-Tox.

Massage in Hertford

At Aqua-Tox, we understand the profound impact that massage therapy can have on your overall well-being, and we are committed to providing a place of relaxation and healing. 

Our team of skilled therapists will tailor each massage to your unique needs, ensuring a personalised and restorative treatment. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, relief from aches & pains, or support during pregnancy, our range of massages can support your needs. 

The benefits of massage include:

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Massage Prices

30 Minute Massage

A relaxing 30 minute Sweedish back massage.  


60 Minute Massage

An indulgent and relaxing 60 minute full body Sweedish massage. 


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

60 Minutes

A 60-minute massage to awaken the lymphatic system and encourage efficient lymphatic drainage throughout the body. Combine with a session in our Infrared Sauna for the ultimate detoxifying treatment combination. 


Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes

A restorative 60-minute pregnancy massage to aid relaxation and relieve pregnancy aches and pains. 


Sports Massage

Coming Soon

A functional sports massage to support sports recovery. 

From £40

Massage FAQs

A full body massage is exactly what it says and is a massage covering the full body.

You will usually begin lying on your front so that the therapist can treat your back, neck and shoulders and the back of your legs. Around halfway through the treatment the therapist will help you to turn over and will complete the remainder of your massage on your legs, abdomen, chest, shoulders, face and head.  Each treatment is individual so this can be adapted dependent on your wishes. For example not everyone will enjoy or want abdominal,  facial or head massage as part of the treatment. 

You should prepare for a full body massage by ensuring that you are well hydrated with water or herbal tea, and have not consumed excessive amounts of caffeine or any alcohol. You should eat a light meal beforehand to ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment. 

After your massage you should stay well hydrated with water or herbal tea. You should leave the oil on your skin for as long as you can for enhanced skin benefits. Where possible you should also try to rest for the remainder of the day to prolong the relaxing effect. 

A 60 minute full body massage at our Hertfordshire clinic starts at £60. 

Before beginning a full body massage your therapist will welcome you into the room and ask you some questions before leaving the room whilst you undress. 

In most cases a massage therapist will ask you to remove all clothing apart from your underwear and to position yourself on the bed under a towel before they return to the room. For most massages it is advisable to remove your bra if you are comfortable to do so as this provides better access to your back and will often be more comfortable for you too. 

The massage therapist will protect your modesty at all times, using towels to cover you throughout the massage. 


a female massage therapists is massaging a female back, the female on the massage bed is covered from the waist down with a towel

No, you do not. It is entirely up to you whether you would like to talk during the massage or enjoy pure rest and relaxation without the need to speak. Your therapist will usually ask for your preference before starting the massage. The massage therapist may speak to you towards the beginning of the treatment to ensure you are comfortable and the pressure is at a good level for you. 

There is no need to shave before a massage, this is purely a personal preference. Your massage therapist will perform the same quality of massage on shaved or unshaved skin. 

Regular massage can have fantastic health benefits but the frequency at which you should have a full body massage is purely personal based on your health and wellbeing goals. Some people will benefit from weekly massages to stay on top of symptoms such as muscle tension and joint pain, whilst others will find a monthly massage enough to support their overall health and wellbeing. 

This varies from clinic to clinic and will depend on the specific treatment you have booked. At Aqua-Tox our full body massages are 60 minutes. This allows a suitable amount of time to massage the whole body and allows you an hour of pure relaxation. 

Before a massage you should eat a large meal, drink alcohol or consume excessive amounts of caffeine. You should ensure that you eat a light meal beforehand and are well hydrated by drinking water or herbal tea. 

For the ultimate relaxation experience combine your massage with one of our luxury facials

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