Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Used to enhance overall health and wellness whole body cryotherapy briefly exposes the body to extremely cold air in a specialist cryotherapy chamber to trigger an anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain & inflammation and speeding up healing.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a form of cold air treatment which triggers an anti-inflammatory response in the body.

The treatment consists of briefly exposing the body to extremely cold air in a Cryo chamber, to encourage a physiological response in the body – which can reduce pain, inflammation and enhance overall health and wellness.

Cryotherapy isn’t just used for those with injuries or top sports athletes, the cold air can improve skin tone and reduce the signs of ageing by increasing collagen production and also helping to improve your sleep quality.

Mecotec Cryotherapy Chamber

We use the leading Mecotec fully electric chamber which is completely safe and means you get full body benefits of the cold therapy.

a whole body cryotherapy chamber in hertford hertfordshire

Bring a friend for £10

Whole body cryotherapy is more fun with a friend, so for a limited time we’re letting you bring a friend for £10. Step into the cryotherapy chamber together and experience wellness at -87 degrees. 

 This offer is available on all whole body cryotherapy chamber sessions whether you’re using pay as you go sessions, blocks or on a membership. 

Simply book any cryotherapy session and call or email us to let us know who you’re bringing along. 

a man and a woman step into a cryotherapy chamber, both are wearing hats, gloves and shoes. Cold air can be seen coming out of the chamber.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Reduces pain & inflammation and improves circulation

Decreases wrinkles & cellulite by encouraging collagen renewal

Improves mobility & promotes muscle regeneration

Activates the immune system & increases metabolism

Supports sleep disorders

Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment Prices

Cryo Chamber Session

Single Session

We recommend a 3 minute session in the Mecotec cryotherapy chamber for general health and well-being benefits.


Cryo Chamber Session Pack

5 Sessions

A course of 5 sessions in the Mecotec cryotherapy chamber for ongoing health and wellbeing benefits.


Cryo Chamber Session Pack

10 Sessions

A course of 10 sessions in the Mecotec cryotherapy chamber for ongoing health and wellbeing benefits.


Bring a friend

1 session per day

Bring a friend and step into the cryotherapy chamber together to experience wellness at -87 degrees. 

Simply book any cryotherapy session and call or email us to let us know who you’re bringing along. 


Our Mecotec cryotherapy chamber is also included in our Aqua-Tox monthly memberships and spa experience days.

Cryotherapy Chamber FAQs

Yes. We use the market leading Mecotec chamber which is fully electric.

Mecotec have been in the industry for over 25 years developing the latest cryotherapy technology.

The Mecotec electric based cooling system allows head to toe coverage of the body which has been proven to have superior cooling effects to that of liquid Nitrogen.

At Aqua-Tox we strive to bring you the safest industry leading technology and the Mecotec cryotherapy chamber meets this standard and brings leading results.

No. Whilst whole body cryotherapy is used by many athletes to recover from muscle injury, pain and improve mobility, cryotherapy can also boost lymph drainage, blood circulation, reduce eczema and improve overall mobility. A session in the cryotherapy chamber boosts adrenaline and endorphins which can overall boost mood and help you experience deeper sleep.

On top of this cryotherapy has a myriad of skin benefits as it can boost collagen production which can help tighten skin, and provide a more youthful appearance.

A session of just 3 minutes is recommended.

Once inside the cryotherapy chamber your body will start to adapt to the cold. We recommend moving about (maybe doing some squats!) as this will help with the experience.

A therapist will be with you at all times and will ensure you are comfortable in the chamber.

No whole body cryotherapy doesn’t hurt. You might feel slightly uncomfortable as you adjust to the new sensation of the very cold air around your body.

We recommend going into the cryo chamber in some shorts & sports bra for women and shorts for men. We provide gloves, and shoes to make the experience more comfortable.

Yes. We recommend going into the chamber one at a time, but should more than one person want to use the chamber you can bring them with you in the room.

After the session you will feel the skin tingling as the blood rushes back to the surface. You will likely feel an endorphin rush after stepping out whilst adjusting back to normal temperature.

One session in the cryo chamber can provide great benefits in itself. If you are suffering from an injury or muscle soreness or want to continue to improve your overall wellness you can take more regular sessions of cryotherapy. We offer packages and memberships to make this option more cost effective.

Young people aged 13 and over can use our cryotherapy chamber as long as they go into the chamber accompanied by an adult. To enter the chamber alone you must be over 18. 

The whole body cryotherapy chamber is located inside the Aqua-Tox health and wellness clinic in Hertford, Hertfordshire. We’re easily accessible from much of Hertfordshire, Essex and the surrounding counties by road and we have free parking at the clinic. We’re also within easy reach of Hertford North train station making getting to us from London or further afield simple. If you’re making a journey to see us then why not take a look at some of the other treatments we offer. As a clinic we pride ourselves on offering innovative health and wellness treatments using industry leading technology. Our cryotherapy chamber is just one of our cutting edge wellness solutions, we also offer a large range of laser treatmentsLipofirm proinfrared sauna and hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen therapy. Browse the website or give us a call to find out more.

To read more about cryotherapy read our ‘What is a cryotherapy chamber?’ blog. 

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