Laser Hair Removal

A hair reduction solution using the state of the art and clinically tested Soprano Titanium laser hair removal system. Safe, fast, pain free & suitable for all skin tones.

Laser Hair Removal

With clinically proven technology, the Soprano Titanium system is the fastest laser hair reduction treatment on the market and is virtually pain-free thanks to its breakthrough Ice Plus cooling system.

The system is proven to give the quickest hair reduction results compared with other laser hair removal systems.

Along with its other innovative benefits the system is also FDA approved for laser hair removal on all skin types including dark tones and tanned skin.

a female laser technician performs laser hair removal using a soprano titanium machine

Book a laser hair removal consultation

A consultation and patch test is required prior to beginning laser hair removal treatment. At this consultation you can discuss the treatment options with one of our advanced aesthetic practitioners who will be able to answer all of your questions.  The consultation fee is £15 but will be deducted from your treatment price.

How long does laser hair removal take?

The time each laser hair removal session takes depends on the size of the area being treated, and the number of areas being treated. For a small area such as underarms you can expect a 15 minute appointment time, for a 3 area appointment you can expect a 60 minute appointment duration. 

Most people require a minimum of 6 sessions to reach a desired level of long lasting hair removal. Each session should be 4-6 weeks apart on the face, or 6-8 weeks apart on the body so you can expect the whole process to take anywhere between 6-12 months.

Every person and area of the body is different and often top-up sessions will be required to achieve the desired level of hair reduction. Top up sessions will be charged at the discounted per session price of the original course/package purchased. 

Laser Hair Removal Prices

We offer single sessions, blocks of 6 treatments or multi-area packages to help you save time and money. Courses and packages must be paid in full or via PayPal Pay in 3 to benefit from the discounted price.

If you book a course of 6 sessions or a package any further top up sessions will be charged at the discounted per session price of the course/package. 

Body Area Single Session Block of 6 Sessions
Half Leg £125 £625
Full Leg £200 £1000
Standard Bikini £125 £625
Brazillian / Hollywood £150 £750
Underarms £80 £400
Full Arms £125 £625
Chest £125 £625
Back £200 £1000
Abdomen £100 £500
Buttocks £100 £500
Hands/Feet £50 £250
Face Area Single Session Block of 6 Sessions
Full Face £150 £750
Neck £80 £400
Sides of Face £80 £400
Upper Lip £50 £250
Chin £50 £250
Ears & Nose £30 £150

A laser hair removal consultation and patch test is required prior to beginning treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal Packages

Additional package discounts are available when more than one area is treated at the same time and a course of 6 treatments is booked.

Choose from Half Leg (full leg counts as 2 areas), Any Bikini, Underarms, Arms, Face, Chest or Abdomen.


3 Areas


Course of 6 Treatments

Choose 3 areas from the list above.


4 Areas


Course of 6 Treatments

Choose 4 areas from the list above.


5 Areas


Course of 6 Treatments

Choose 5 areas from the list above.


6 Areas


Course of 6 Treatments

Choose 6 areas from the list above.

Bespoke packages can be created to treat multiple areas and suit your individual needs. Contact us for more details.

A laser hair removal consultation and patch test is required prior to beginning treatment.

Refer a Friend Offer

Refer a friend for laser hair removal and receive £100* off further laser hair removal treatments.To make it even better your friend will also receive 10% off their laser hair removal course.To claim this offer simply spread the word about laser hair removal at Aqua-Tox and make sure your friends mention your name and the offer when they book a laser hair removal course with us. 

*£100 laser hair removal credit will be added to your account for each client you refer to us who signs up for a course of laser hair removal. The credit and discount will be applied when your friend purchases a course and can only be used for laser hair removal. 

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser hair removal is a proven method to reduce/remove hair growth from the body. At Aqua-Tox we use the award-winning Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal machine which is the only clinically proven hair removal method that is a virtually painless and also the safest laser hair removal method for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.

It is the alternative to epilation, shaving creams, razor shaving or waxing.

The laser from the machine emits ‘light’ energy, which targets the hairs. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light, allowing the heat to travel down the hair follicles that lie beneath the surface of the skin using medical-grade laser. This destroys the root of the hair and the interconnectors connecting it to the blood supply, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. As a result, preventing the regrowth of more hair while giving lasting results of smooth skin. The Soprano Titanium uses 3 laser wavelengths which help treat a variety of hair and skin tones; Alexandrite 755nm especially for light coloured and thin hair, Speed 810nm for fast and effective treatment time and YAG 1064nm which is specialised for darker skin tones.

The Soprano Titanium uses a superior technology which is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal which is virtually painless. It uses a unique cooling system called Ice Plus which cools your skin throughout the treatment if needed. The Ice Plus also minimises the risk of burns whilst maintaining heat deep within, where the hair follicles are treated. During your treatment, our therapist will work with you to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

The Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal system allows us to perform effective laser hair removal on most hair colours with the exception of red and white hair. 

Before starting any treatment we will perform a consultation and patch test to assess your skin & hair and ensure you are suitable for treatment. 

At Aqua-Tox we are able to perform laser hair removal on under 18s providing they are suitable for the treatment and parental consent is given. 

There are various reasons why someone might consider laser hair removal before the age of 18. These reasons can range from aesthetic concerns to medical conditions. Common reasons for under 18s to seek laser hair removal include: excessive hair growth, folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles), pseudofolliculitis (ingrown hairs) and transgender body hair management. Read more in our 'What age can you get laser hair removal?' blog post

Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatments require a patch test during the initial consultation (depending on skin type) to ensure that there are no allergic reactions. Please do not shave prior to the consultation so our therapist can assess your hair type. Prior to the actual treatment, please ensure you shave the treatment area prior to your appointment. You must avoid bleaching, plucking, epilating or waxing hair for 2 weeks prior to the actual treatment.

You must also avoid using fake tan in the 7 days before and after laser hair removal. 

Yes you will need to shave the treatment area ahead of the appointment to ensure the area is hair free. However, please do not shave prior to the initial consultation so our therapist can assess your hair type. They will shave a small area to be able to perform the patch test. 

Yes it is fine to shave following laser hair removal treatment. You may just want to leave it 1-2 days following treatment if you've experienced any skin irritation. After 2-3 sessions you will notice that you reach for the razor a lot less as the amount of active hair follicles will have reduced.  

The Soprano Titanium laser hair removal treatment will deliver significant long lasting hair reduction results for most people. However, as everyone's skin and hair are different, we can never guarantee permanent results. Significant hair reduction results are typically seen following 6-8 treatment sessions, depending on your skin and hair type you may need additional sessions. Each person is different, some clients will find that they are happy with the results in one body area after 6 treatments but that another body part requires additional treatments to achieve the desired result. Our hair and skin is ever changing and new hair follicles can develop over time resulting in new hair growth.   

As our hair grows in cycles we recommend body treatments are taken 6-8 weeks apart to catch the next hair cycle and face treatments 4-6 weeks apart. At each treatment we will assess your hair reduction results from the previous session and adjust your next treatment accordingly to maximise the hair reduction results.  

You can expect to see results around 1-2 weeks after your first treatment. We encourage exfoliating/dry brushing as this will help the hairs shed. The hair may be noticeably reduced at this point but we recommend that you complete a full treatment course to experience long lasting hair reduction due to your hair growing in cycles. 

There are very minimal side effects from laser hair removal treatments. The intensity of the laser will be determined by your skin type and the area being treated. It is recommended that you use an SPF on the treated area if it is being exposed to the sun. Treatment information including precare and aftercare will be shared with you when you book a treatment.  

Soprano Titanium incorporates SHR technology, the only clinically proven laser hair removal method that is virtually painless and also the safest for all skin types including dark tones. The Soprano is the only machine worldwide that is FDA approved to treat actively tanned skin. We are unable to use the laser over tattooed areas of the skin due to the technology picking up the pigment in the ink therefore any tattooed areas will be covered up prior to treatment.

Avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation. We strongly recommend an SPF30 + to be applied over the treated area throughout the course of your treatment. Avoid using sun beds 4 weeks after treatment and do not use any other removal treatment methods such as waxing, tweezing or electrolysis as it will disturb the hair follicle at the treatment area. We do however recommend that you exfoliate the treatment area as this will help the removal process. Avoid hot baths and heat treatments for the first 48 hours.

Unfortunately we cannot perform laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy, however we can treat after childbirth once your hormones have settled. We advise waiting around 6 months to ensure your hormones are fully settled and will not interrupt your levels of hair growth.

There are no studies to show any risk of having laser hair removal treatment whilst breastfeeding but we don’t personally recommend it as the hormones are not settled and we would not be able to guarantee results. However, if you decide to take a break from laser hair treatments whilst breastfeeding, it will not effect your results and we can continue your course when you are ready.

Yes we offer payment plans for purchases over £500. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Your laser hair removal treatment and required patch test will both take place at our clinic in Hertford, Hertfordshire. We have a specialised laser treatment room, waiting area and parking close by. We are situated within easy reach of the A10, A414 and A602 making us easily reachable from many surrounding towns including Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage and St Albans. 

Book a Consultation

Book a laser hair removal consultation and patch test to discuss the treatment options with one of our advanced aesthetic practitioners who will be able to answer all of your questions.

The cost of the consultation is £15 however this will be deducted from your treatment price.

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