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Welcome to our blog

Over the next few weeks/months we will be sharing insights into the business; from the treatments that we offer, getting to know our therapists, from how Aqua-Tox all started to where we are now and the progress on the new clinic – we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing them!

Nursing & Aesthetics

How do the two different areas entwine and why is it important to have knowledge and background of both? The most contentious subject surrounding the world of aesthetics is who should practice in this area and what qualifications should you have to fulfil a career in...

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Why Colonics?

I always get asked how I got into colonics and if I enjoy what I do. It’s not your usual 9-5 but I can honestly say, I love what I do, I’m so passionate about gut health and the benefits colonics offer. After years of being laxative dependent in 2012 I finally took...

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