Nursing & Aesthetics

How do these two different areas entwine and why is it important to have knowledge and background of both?

The most contentious subject surrounding the world of aesthetics is who should practice in this area and what qualifications should you have to fulfil a career in this sector.

The bottom line is that aesthetics is currently a mostly unregulated industry where a few hours training and maybe one practical treatment being observed by a trainer suddenly qualifies you as an ‘advanced aesthetics practitioner’. It can never be suggested that this is the fault of practitioners themselves as they are completing the training that is deemed necessary for this field and are quite rightly looking into furthering their own knowledge and pursuing a career that they are interested in.

It is also correct to say that some practitioners especially those with a background in advanced beauty treatments can have a natural flare and eye for what is aesthetically pleasing.

Now the foundation training that is offered to nurses, doctors and medical professionals does not differ initially in the training of aesthetics as the course is also very short. That being said nurses are accountable to a governing body that are paramount to keeping the public safe. Whilst having prior knowledge of needles and injection techniques does help, it is the accountability to a professional body that ensures that continuous professional development occurs, safety measures are adhered too, basic life support training is completed and so much more.

Risks related to aesthetics can also never be completely avoided and so having access to emergency drugs, emergency protocols and an emergency network of medical practitioners to offer support should anything untoward occur is vital.

When it comes to wrinkle relaxing treatments, most people are unaware that these are a prescription only medication and a consultation should be completed prior to the treatment with the medications being ordered from a reputable pharmacy on a prescription only basis. There are dangerous copies of these drugs being ordered on the black market to avoid the loophole of having a prescription and this is causing chaos in the world of aesthetics with complications at an all time high.

For these reasons it is so important to ensure that your aesthetic practitioner has the knowledge and weapons to conduct these treatments safely, entwining a nursing background with a solid base of aesthetics training will ensure that you are in safe hands.

Aesthetics Expert & Qualified Nurse

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