Why Colonics?

I always get asked how I got into colonics and if I enjoy what I do. It’s not your usual 9-5 but I can honestly say, I love what I do, I’m so passionate about gut health and the benefits colonics offer.

After years of being laxative dependent in 2012 I finally took the plunge and attended my first ever colon hydrotherapy session to relieve IBS and lack of bowel movements. Don’t get me wrong, I was petrified. Even though I had done my research, the thought of a complete stranger sticking a tube up my bum wasn’t on my bucket list.

I dived in head first and booked a detox course of 3, in the first two sessions, not much waste passed through the tube…much to my disappointed (especially as my sister-in-law went in first and I got a very graphic description of what came out), but then I wasn’t expecting miracles.

I had previously been diagnosed with a lazy bowel and just needed to be patient. Each session I passed more waste than the one before and by the end of my second course, my colon started to function all by itself again. Hallelujah! I was no longer constipated, my headaches had disappeared and my energy levels rocketed. From that moment on, I no longer wanted to stay in my office job which I’d been in since the age of 16, I wanted to help and educate others on the importance of a healthy colon; the key to maintaining good health, well-being and vitality.

Every day is unique and I’m always keen to see what comes out of the pipe. New clients to the clinic are usually very apprehensive and nervous to have the treatment, but I’ve been in that position many years ago and that’s why I make you feel as comfortable as possible, the treatment is very private and your modesty is preserved at all times. If you’re thinking about having a colonic, why not get in touch and get booked in.

More information on colon hydrotherapy and prices can be found on our colonics page.

For our frequently asked questions and to see how colonics can help your digestive health, take a look at our colonics FAQs or our ‘What is colonic irrigation?’ blog post.

Colon Hydrotherapist

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