Laser Hair Removal – Is It Worth The Investment?

There are so many hair removal products on the market from the traditional shaving or epilation, all different types of waxing to then IPL and laser hair removal. But which is the right one for you?

Like many of us, I have tried pretty much every one of the above to get that silky skin feel for the maximum possible time but its only been in the last 18 months, I feel I’ve finally found the best on the market.

I stumbled across laser hair removal back in January 2020. I’d heard many stories about it, some good and some bad so was a bit dubious when I received a leaflet through my door offering 30% off a laser hair removal package. But with many planned breaks and holidays coming up in 2020 (little did I know what was coming!!) I wanted to get something that lasted longer than a week or two.

I have a darker skin tone with black hair, so even a little regrowth is very noticeable and apart from the winter months with my thick black tights, I was pretty much shaving every day or waxing very regularly.

The offer allowed for a patch test and consultation free of charge so I thought I would pop along to my local salon to find out what it was all about.

During the consultation the therapist told me about their laser and how it works, and how this new technology (Soprano Titanium) works on all skin tones including mine, with little side effects. She did a patch test on an area and I was pleasantly surprised as I expected to feel the dreading pinging sensation but all I felt was a little warmth. She explained I would need the treatment done initially every 6 weeks then as we move through the process we can space them out depending on regrowth, also typically most clients need about 6-8 treatments until they get maximal results with a yearly or bi-yearly top up as required.

It sounded good, and the thought of being hair free by the summer was really tempting so I thought I would give it a go, initially starting on my legs and underarms. I booked my follow up appointment for two weeks time and the journey started. The treatment was so quick (I was in and out in 25mins) and all I felt was a little warmth, which when it became uncomfortable the therapist gave me a cool shot. Two weeks after that appointment my hairs all started to fall out and I was so happy with the results even after one appointment.

Prior to my next appointment I think I had shaved once in the six weeks as the regrowth I did have was fine already. Unfortunately lock down then came so it was four months between appointment 2 and 3 however even during this extended time I noticed a big proportion of my hair wasn’t growing back.

When lockdown lifted I restarted my appointments and then booked in to do my arms (as I always hated the dark hair on my arms) and bikini. The results I’ve had from the Soprano Titanium hair removal have been superb, I have no noticeable hair follicles and no dark thick hair left at all. For me the treatment was definitely worth the investment and one I get regular comments on how soft my skin feels.

One thing we ensure we do at Aqua-Tox is bring you the best, so earlier this year when we were looking at bringing hair removal to the clinic for me it had to be the Soprano Titanium system. We did visit other suppliers who had machines a fraction of the price of the Soprano, but given the results and feedback the Soprano has worldwide, we didn’t want to cut corners with this. Many clinics offer hair removal at a very low cost but I truly believe you get what you pay for.

The Soprano Titanium system is the only one worldwide that is FDA approved to be used on all skin tones including tanned skin. This was very important to us, as we have a range of customers and those who don’t want to stop courses when they go on holiday. The safety and the results were worth the investment and the feedback we’ve had from our own clients has been superb.

One bit of advice I would give anyone looking to start a laser hair removal course is do a bit of research. Find out what machine the clinic is using, do your own research on safety and results and only then invest. Im sure you’ve heard the stories of people taking painkillers before a treatment or being left with permanent patchy hair. The Soprano gets none of this feedback, hence why salons worldwide from LA to Paris to London use this latest technology.

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